Q? How do I buy your products?

A. To buy Curl Company products, you must set up an account. Contact us at +1 317-863-2755 (or e-mail at sales@curl-co.com) to become a partner with Curl Company today! Once an account is created, you're welcome to buy our Try Everything Kit, or even an entire Intro Package (I & II).

Q? Is there a product knowledge workshop?

A. Yes! Buying the Intro Package I includes a workshop in your very own salon, which earns you your LoosenUP certification.

Q? How will Curl Company products bring in clientele?

A. Our company provides you, free of charge, an Evening of Curls! This exciting event invites your customers in for free wine and cheese while they get their hair done with our products. This exposes the brand, and the quality of our formulations keeps them coming back!

Q? Can I only use the products on curly hair?

A. These products can be used on straight hair to bring out curls and definition, or they can be used to maintain straight hair for styling.

Q? Which salons carry your product?

A. Starting in Chicago, we have already spread to salons such as J. Crager Alternatives, Orbit Salon, Restoration Salon (both locations!), Snap Hair, and Lana Cyrus.

Q? Who do I contact if I have further questions?

A. Please visit our Contact Page.